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 The National Teacher Research Panel was set up about 15 years ago by CUREE supported by a group of national education agencies most of which no longer exist. It had three main goals:

  • To ensure that all research in education takes account of the teacher perspective
  • To ensure a higher profile for research and evidence informed practice in government, academic and practitioner communities
  • To increase the number of teachers engaged in and with the full spectrum of research activity.

Over the several years of its existence, the Panel, supported by its expert advisers in CUREE, has helped and encouraged dozens of teachers and school leaders to do high quality but practical research. The Panel also helped them report their findings succinctly, in plain English and focused on relevance to other practitioners. The results of that work can be found on this website.With the advent of the Coalition Government of 2010 and ever since, those support agencies have been dismantled and government funding withdrawn. The Panel no longer meets but CUREE has maintained the legacy of its work on this website. It is the nature of research that it usually has a pretty long shelf life so a large fraction of the material here remains useful and valide especially in the international context where most other jurisdictions (certainly in Europe are only now waking up to the value of practitioner focused research. Much of the teacher originated but high quality research reported here remains unique You can also use this site as a link to research resources located elsewhere. So click on the appropriate link below to:

 A NOTE about usage restrictions: the material here is free for use by education practitioners and leaders for informing and improving their educational practice. It may be downloaded and reproduced but it must be used in its existing format; no marks, logos, copyright notices or attributions may be removed or added without prior, written and explicit permission from CUREE. These materials may not be used for or incorporated in commercial products (i.e. anything destributed for a fee) without a license from CUREEClick here to find out more about us or click here to find out what we do. If you have any feedback for the panel, please contact us

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