Enquiry based learning

Using action learning to support the development of primary teachers’ mathematical knowledge

Phillippa, Linda
The aim of this doctoral project (with Sussex University) was to improve the mathematical performance of an inner city primary school by developing the subject knowledge, pedagogical skills and the curriculum content knowledge of its teachers. By focusing on professional development the Hawksbridge headteacher/researcher hoped to:
  • improve teacher’s confidence in the teaching of mathematics;
  • share and develop professional expertise; and
  • raise school standards in mathematics.
The rationale behind this was that if Hawksbridge staff could improve teacher performance in the classroom then they should begin to raise pupils’ standards throughout the school.

Teaching and learning Mathematics using an enquiry-based approach

Richards, Mark

Aims of the project

The aims of the project were to answer the questions:

• What is an effective way to prepare to teach mathematics using an enquiry based approach?
• What would be the impact on pupil learning and attitudes of introducing an enquiry based approach to mathematics teaching in year 7?

From theory to practice: using an enquiry approach in a network of schools to improve students' self-esteem

Pryke, Tony

Aims of the project

• To explore the potential of using common enquiry strategies across a network of schools
• To involve pupils in the enquiry process

Leading Enquiry in CHiLL - Network schools

Casserley, Martin

Aims of the project

The aims of the CHiLL Network are to strive to develop leadership and learning at all levels in our schools. We pursue school development through processes of self-evaluation and enquiry, critical-friendship, collaborative training and networking. We encourage all to take responsibility for learning and leadership; we promote the values of honesty, courage and trust; we emphasise the importance of research, collaboration, diversity and excellence. This paper focuses on how we lead a wide variety of enquiries across our network and within our schools using an external consultant - a critical-friend.

Building a community of enquiry

Storr, Teresa and Griffiths, Angela

Aim of the project

The aim of this project was to create a community of enquiry across a network of schools which would engage with research to inform school improvement. The project also set out to establish ways of working with an external specialist to maximise the research capacity of the network.

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